Pre K (4 and up)


This is the last year before the formal education begins and we fill it with developmentally appropriate kindergarten readiness activities. It is important that we not DO kindergarten in this class but are intentional in firming the foundation for kindergarten to be built upon. We attend the local Transitioning to Kindergarten conference each year in the effort to work closely with the administration and kindergarten teachers in our local public school districts. 

We work to stay current with what skills and abilities kindergarten teachers are looking for in incoming students. Literacy centers and lesson plans are deliberate as we include letters and sounds in this curriculum.

The Pre-K room is print rich with labels and environmental print. Children are encouraged to explore, create, and learn independently as well as in a cooperative setting. Activities take place in individual, small, and large group settings. Some are teacher directed, others student lead. 

Hours of observation takes place in this environment as we maintain the commitment to providing each child what they need to be a successful learner. We respect all learning styles and know that there are no two children that learn at the same rate. It is not appropriate to serve up worksheets or lectures in the Pe K room when there are so may open-ended projects to take part in.

MORNING ONLY are available for this class for those looking for the kindergarten readiness experience.  2, 3, or 5 mornings are available.  This program hours are 8:30 - 11:45 with the option for an additional half hour for those who would like to bring a lunch and stay for "lunch bunch".  


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