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School Age Summer Camp

Children who have completed kindergarten through fourth grade are welcome to join us here at JOY Center for our summer camp this year!
Beginning June 6 and running for 11 consecutive weeks, we'll enjoy weekly swimming and field trips, sports, games, art, cooking, science, tournaments, challenges, and hanging with new friends.  We'll have Bible and devotions daily as well as time for reading and any assistance with academic reinforcement. 

Call the office 717-761-2178 for registration and tuition information.
Infant Room (6 weeks - 12 months)

Infant Room is for those children who are 6 weeks through 12 months old. Teachers work closely with parents to maintain feeding, diapering, and napping schedules while providing appropriate stimulation, language, and motor activities. Infants have their own cribs, storage, and daily information sheets are maintained.

JOY Center infant room is a safe, healthy, and loving environment for infants. We maintain a 1:4 teacher:child ratio with extra hands available as needed. The infant classroom is spacious and equipped with materials to enhance the teacher:infant experiences. The infant program begins the foundation of a strong early education experience.

Pre-toddlers (12-18 months) and Toddlers (18-24 months)

Pre-toddlers (12-18 months old) and Toddlers (18-24 months)  This class follows a loosely written, teacher-directed schedule allowing for the children's first job of play.  The pre-toddlers learn to self-feed and use a 'sippy-cup' and eat together at the table.  There are a variety of developmentally appropriate toys and learning activities.  Children learn by doing and this is a busy class!  Every minute is an opportunity for exploration and socialization. Introductions are made to colors, shapes, animal names and sounds in a relaxed and playful environment. Each day there is a short circle time with music, movement, and literacy activities.  Daily outdoor large muscle play is included if weather permitted.  Teachers encourage language development with an ongoing conversation about the environment, activities, and friends in the room.  in this class a good deal of time is spent helping children to take turns and share equipment.  We use the Bucket Filling philosophy as a beginning class set of rules.

Twos (2)

Busy, controlled chaos. That's what you'll see when coming into a class of two year olds. The centers and activities are more defined than in the toddler class, but play still defines all they do. Circle times are longer and happen twice in the morning allowing for more time for literacy and music whole group activities. Potty-training is a big part of this program as children show readiness.

Parents are requested to provide a 'pull-up' type diaper allowing for ease of self-help. Teachers are cheerleaders for this process; we celebrate every success!

Introductions are made of letters as they naturally occur in the environment and labels are found everywhere. It is in this room that we begin to show that written word becomes spoken word. Language is strongly encouraged with more running conversations throughout the day. Self-control is also a large part of the curriculum as we build on the Bucket-Filling philosophy.

Preschool (3 and 4)

3's and young fours are together with a program designed to encourage the flourishing curiosity and questions of this age. Science, cooking, and manipulative centers are very popular as preschoolers experiment to find out 'shy' and 'how' on their own. Dramatic play is serious play as children use the ever-changing props and costumes to explore the world they know and the world they want to know.

Circle times are longer as children's interest level and ability to sit is expanded. "Show N Tell" is added at the preschool level as well as special days and visitors.

Preschoolers are learning about time, days of the week, and seasons as it naturally relates to their lives. In the preschool class children are able to begin to dictate stories about what they know and what interests them. Teachers in this room are largely facilitators as they create space and thematic play places.  

MORNING ONLY programs are available for this class for those looking for just the preschool experience.  2, 3, or 5 mornings are available.  This program hours are 8:30 - 11:45 with an additional 1/2 hour available for any child who wants to pack a lunch and stay for "lunch bunch".

Pre K (4 and up)

This is the last year before the formal education begins and we fill it with developmentally appropriate kindergarten readiness activities. It is important that we not DO kindergarten in this class but are intentional in firming the foundation for kindergarten to be built upon. We attend the local Transitioning to Kindergarten conference each year in the effort to work closely with the administration and kindergarten teachers in our local public school districts. 

We work to stay current with what skills and abilities kindergarten teachers are looking for in incoming students. Literacy centers and lesson plans are deliberate as we include letters and sounds in this curriculum.

The Pre-K room is print rich with labels and environmental print. Children are encouraged to explore, create, and learn independently as well as in a cooperative setting. Activities take place in individual, small, and large group settings. Some are teacher directed, others student lead. 

Hours of observation takes place in this environment as we maintain the commitment to providing each child what they need to be a successful learner. We respect all learning styles and know that there are no two children that learn at the same rate. It is not appropriate to serve up worksheets or lectures in the Pe K room when there are so may open-ended projects to take part in.

MORNING ONLY are available for this class for those looking for the kindergarten readiness experience.  2, 3, or 5 mornings are available.  This program hours are 8:30 - 11:45 with the option for an additional half hour for those who would like to bring a lunch and stay for "lunch bunch".