Mission Statement

JOY Center endeavors to give children an opportunity, an atmosphere, and some assistance in growing, as well as giving Christian families an early education center that stands for, supports, and reinforces the evangelical Christian worldview and way of life.  We work to prepare children to live in this world but not become a part of this world. We want to take away from our society the “prime time” it has taken in our children’s minds. (We are reclaiming their primary hours of learning so that Christ will be at the center of their learning experiences.) Our desire is to provide children an opportunity to develop special skills under the direction of teachers who love and honor Christ.

JOY Center believes that every child is a special gift from God and is to be treasured and nurtured as such.  Within our facility we will create an environment that is safe, healthy and loving above all else.  It is our pleasure to create programs and offer intentionally designed curriculum that meets the needs of the individual whole child.  While we understand that each child is gifted to learn in different ways we also know that each child reaches developmental milestones at a rate unique to themselves.  As early childhood educators it becomes our job to adapt and plan each day to meet those individual needs.  Our lesson plans meet and exceed the PA Early Learning Standards in each of the learning domains.  
Christ is preeminent in all we do.  In addition to Bible stories and songs and prayers at meal times, your child will hear about Jesus when we settle disputes or have an issue with lack of cooperation.  Jesus is praised when a new baby brother or sister is born and when a mom or dad find a new job.  We talk to Jesus about everything with our children and each other as we watch how He answers our prayers.

Our objectives mirror our philosophy: we must meet the individual needs of the children and families in an environment that is safe, healthy, loving, and nurturing.  We must consider the whole child as a learner and consider the best strategies and methods for meeting those needs.  We must work to instill the love of Christ in every facet of what we do.

With that philosophy in mind, we expect every employee to convey the love of Christ in all relationships; to diligently work in a professional, cheerful, and cooperative manner at all times; to respect the rights and worth of fellow staff, children, and parents in the center; to use good judgment and common sense; to be supportive of the safety and developmental needs of every child enrolled.