And the staffing comes...two-by-two

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Jul 10 2012

The Noah comparison continues!  I interivewed 29 people for the opening positions we have available - all excellent applicants with incredible resumes and impressive experience.  I've spent the morning calling those we will hire for the opening team as well as those I hope we can offer positions to in the near future as our center explodes in growth.
Teachers will work in teams of two.  As folks call back and accept positions I see how God is setting in people of excellence, exuberance, and those with the passion we've prayed for since this idea of JOY Center begins.
Now comes the best part: enrolling children.  As I've called those who have been faithfully and patiently waiting the excitement mounts.  I am humbled by what God has called me to and how that is opening up for me, for this staff, and for the children He's bringing for us to serve.
Lord, let it rain!