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Mar 24 2014
I will never apologize that we incorporate so much PLAY into our daily schedule: When tours ask about it I gently explain that while what Mr. Rogers says is true, there is more – we intentionally set up play experiences so that significant learning can take place.  It is crucial that we remember...  Everything we do is intentional  Research proves time and time again that what we’re doing is best practice for children.  Young children learn and grow when our fo

Can It Be?

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Dec 26 2012
Christmas is over?  How is that possible?  Seems as if we just opened..... JOY Center truly lives up to it's name.  We are having such a great time here!  The children are happy, the staff loves their classes and the center is growing day-by-day.   While I am busy writing a January newsleter and planning the snack menu, Tracy has registered 7 new friends that will start next week!  God is so good! We only have a short time with each of these blessings.  Lor

And the staffing comes...two-by-two

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Jul 10 2012
The Noah comparison continues!  I interivewed 29 people for the opening positions we have available - all excellent applicants with incredible resumes and impressive experience.  I've spent the morning calling those we will hire for the opening team as well as those I hope we can offer positions to in the near future as our center explodes in growth. Teachers will work in teams of two.  As folks call back and accept positions I see how God is setting in people of excellence, e

Noah's Ark 2012 Version

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Jun 26 2012
June 26 and the dream of JOY Center is so close to opening and becoming a reality.  This morning when praying for all the details that still need to come together, I heard the Lord speak to my spirit through an old Keith Green song: "But the Lord said, 'Hey, Noah keep cool - just keep building the boat.  It's just a matter of time till they see it's gonna' float!  I'll take care of the rest....I'm the weatherman!' " What a great word of encour